COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & TEAM

We are monitoring everything around all of our facilities very closely and as such, we are actively taking steps to minimize the impact and going beyond the CDC’s environmental cleaning and disinfection recommendations.

In regards to our fulfillment partners, beginning February we started taking extensive measures, including:

  • All associates within each fulfillment center are required to wear safety masks and have temperature checks complete before starting their shift (protective gloves are optional).
  • All meetings are in small groups of 10-15 to follow social distancing practices, but are still able to hear the message. At times, social distancing may not be feasible but that is the purpose of wearing the mandatory PPE.
  • We’ve increased cleaning and disinfecting to be done hourly, with cleaning all surfaces done multiple times per hour.
  • Added Hazard Pay, which increases the effective wages for employees across our fulfillment network during this time period.

In regards to photoshoots and in-person meeting within TN TEAM Inc.:

  • All models and associates will only attend in-person events if they are symptom-free and will submit themselves to temperature checks upon arrival and sign a COVID pre-screening document to confirm they are symptom-free.
  • All models and associates will wear masks in public areas where TN TEAM Inc. is operating and will adhere to the social distancing precautions TN TEAM Inc. has in place as per the CDC's guidelines. At times, when wearing masks may not be feasible (models during their window with the photographer) all other personnel and associates will be following social-distancing precautions and wearing masks.
  • All models will be photographed during strictly-scheduled windows of time so as to stagger the exit and arrival times and, thus, allow for better adherence to social-distancing guidelines and to give TN TEAM Inc. staff the ability to properly-sanitize the areas of operation.

As more information comes out, TN TEAM Inc. and our associates will be adapting our policies to match those recommended by the CDC in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved.